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hereby authorize IT SUPPORT IT Technician to remote connect to my computer for review and maintenance. I understand that by granting access to my computer, the technician can control my computer remotely and it has been explained to me that this access will be for the sole purpose of review and maintenance. I will be able to review what the technician is doing at all times and I am able to terminate the session at any time by asking the technician to terminate.


Computers can be nuisance! �but we all need them. We can help with all those questions, concerns, strange messages and technical difficulties you are facing with your computers on a daily basis.


We are a team of computer experts providing all kinds of computer technical assistance remotely over the telephone or by online live chat. With modern technology, we can even view your computer screen to assist more effectively and with your agreement, take control while you watch us deal with your technical issues.


We cater for all kinds of computer users with all levels of knowledge � home users, business users, students, younger users and older users! You do not need to understand anything about computers � it is our job to help you understand your computers better and get more out of your computer without huge expense.


We are available to help almost non-stop from Monday to Saturday and you can call or email us at any time!


With our  100% satisfaction guarantee  � you have nothing to lose so click here to try our service!

Our Services

PC maintenance

Computer optimisation, Solving error messages and crashes, Virus / Spyware / Adware Removal and recommendations to avoid further infections, assistance in filing your pictures and documents, removing software you no longer need, deleting junk / temporary files


We will support you with Windows, Wireless internet, Internet browsers, printer and scanners, digital cameras / photo transfer, iTunes, installing software, email support, backup advice and support


Any question you need answered about Windows
or Office. We will answer any of your "How do I"
questions you might have,basic training and
photo editing